Center Shock Candy Bubblegum x 10 Chuppa Chups

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Center Shock Bubblegum x 10   Fun Novelty Sweet

Price per 10 gums.

These are an amazing mixture of sour liquid and bubblegum.

These sweets come in many fruit flavours.

Take on the challenge and see who can hold  a straight face the longest.

Well worth a try and the kids will adore these. May be packed in one bag if multiples.

Such a fun sweet. Sour bubblegums may be replaced by other Chuppa chups

if out of stock.


sugar, gum base, glucose syrup, stabilisers, acids, flavourings, emulsifier, thickener, glazing agent.

(sorbitol,glycerol)acid,(malic acid, citric acid, flavourings,emulsifier(soya lecithin,thickener

(gum arabic) glazing agent (carnauba wax) antioxidant(E321)