Limited Edition Barrs Original 1901 Irn Bru Can

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Limited Edition Barrs Original 1901 Irn Bru Can 330ml

Not to be missed the original ingredients from 1901 packed in this can.

Price per can. The taste is amazing and of course Made in Scotland for everyone to try and enjoy.

Has that distinguished Irn Bru Flavour, no taste like it and cannot be described.

This wee can will give you a cheeky wee heid, and fill you with sweetness with the delicious recipe.

Come try for yourself.


carbonated water, sugar, acid(citric), flavourings ( including ammonium ferric citrate and quinine),

preservative (E211) foaming agent(quillaia extract), colours (sunset yellow fcf, ponceau 4R).

Sunset yellow fcf and ponceau 4R; may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.