Liquorice Candy Buffet Small

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Liquorice Candy Buffet Small

This is our new idea and we can take the hassle of you organising your own sweety buffet.

There is a great selection of sweets and you will see an amazing variety and ideal for a kid's or adult's paty alike.

We will supply all the sweets stated and all you have to do is set them up in your own place in your own,whether it be home or function place.

We don't supply the glassware unfortunately due to health and safety,but feel free to copy our layout and add your own bits and bobs.

with Free postage to UK mainland only


500g Liquorice Bonbons

500g Black Jacks

500g Liquorice Cuttings

500g Liquorice Pontefract Cakes

500g Liquorice Gums

10x Liquorice Wands

10x Catherine Wheels

10x Liquorice Sticks

10x Liquorice Battons

500g Liquorice Cream Rock

500g Liquorice Fruit Rock

500g Liquorice small Torpedos

500g Liquorice Large Torpedos

500g Liquorice Toffees

500g Blackcurrant and Liquorice

10x Liquorice Lollies

500g Wilko Mints

500g Liquorice Allsorts