Retro Sweet Goodie Pack *

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Retro Sweets Goodie Pack.

This a plentiful bag/ box of sweets, filled with all the sweets from school days and kids of all ages love  them.

A geat gift,May come in a white gift box or clear gift bag.

What's included;

Loveheart Double Dip, atomic fireblast, wham bar, fudge, freddo sprinkles bar, fizz wizz, strawberry laces,

gummy pizza, candy lipstick, candy whistle, drumstick lollies, anglo bubblys, loveheart rolls, refresher chews, fruit salad chews,

black jack chews, happy attoos, chocolate hearts and our chocolate star as everyone is a star and deserves one.

A good bag of sweets with all the favourites in there.

Some sweets may vary but same value or more may be substituted.