Wholesale Haribo Mini Jelly Babies

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Wholesale Haribo Mini Jelly Babies 1Kg and 3Kg   Old School Sweet

These are little cute jelly baby gums.

They come in a mixture of colours and have an amazing fruity flavour.

They are so soft and juicy.

Ideal for party bags, gift bags or even baby showers.

So How Do You Eat Yours? the feet first? the head first? A great fun sweet.

Well worth a try, and with this fab value wholesale pricing who could say no.


sugar, glucose syrup, gelatine, citric acid, flavourings, fruit and plant concentrates,

apple, aronia, blackcurrant, carrot, elderberry, grape, kiwi, lemon, mango, nettle, orange,

passion fruit, spinach, colours, darmine, copper complexes of chlorophll, glazing agent, vegetable oil, beeswax,

carnuba wax, carmelisied sugar syrup, invert sugar, fruit extract.)