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Allmark Sweets  - Selling Sweets for 200 years

Allmark Sweets - Early 20th Century

Allmark's sweet shop is an old traditional sweet shop which has been open for over 2 hundred years. It is one of the oldest sweet shops in the West of Scotland.

It is now run by ourselves Colin and Yvonne Allmark. We offer a range of products from retro sweets to the traditional favourites, so we can please kids to the oldies.

So why not pop into the shop or have a browse about our website to see what tickles your fancy.

If there is something you don't see on the website don't hesitate to contact us as we will try our best to get a hold of it for you. Hope you have as much fun looking through our website as we do day to day in our wee shop.
Colin and Yvonne Allmark from Renfrewshire.


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Allmarks Sweet Shop
32 Millfield Drive

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