Spectacularly Spooky Treats!

Posted by Yvonee Thomas on 17th Oct 2014

There are only 2 weeks to go until Halloween!  Are you ready for the spookiest night of the year?  Are you ready for the ghosts & goblins that will come to your door asking for trick or treat?  Do you want to have your house covered in toilet roll and eggs by giving said ghosts & goblins rubbish sweets?

No we didn't think so, that's why we've set up a dedicated Halloween Sweetie section on our website - to help YOU out!  We've got you covered!  Tell those ghastly goblins to shut up with our Cyclops Monster Gobstopper!  Keep the vampires at bay with our scrumptious wolf fangs and giant fizzy vampire fangs!

As for the witches, what better way to not get cursed by handing out some devilishly delicious Hot Devils Jelly Sweets.

We've also got our Goth Surprise Box if you want to get a scarily good box full of Halloween themed goodies.  Don't say we're not good to you.